Double Eyelid Survey

We asked 200 girls who use double eyelid items about their eyelid concerns!

Great Double Eyelid Survey!
Have you ever had one of your
single eyelid friends...
Suddenly showed up with double eyelids?
You can change it just with
a daily makeup effort?

When did you make your double eyelid makeup debut?

1: Middle School - 42.8%

2: High School/Technology College - 39.9%
3: University/Graduate School/Vocational School - 12.5%
4: First Job and/or Before Turning 29 - 2.4%
5: Pre-Middle School - 2.4%

Almost half our correspondents started in middle school! It turns out that girls are already paying attention to the shape and size of their eyes from that age!


What concerns do you have about your eyelids?

1: Swollen single eyelids - 30.3% 2: My double eyelids' widths are different - 26.9% 3: I can't make them double eyelids - 17.8%

People really have a lot of different eyelid concerns!! You can see that there are a lot of individual differences in eye shapes and sizes!


Do you have any problems with your double eyelid makeup? (multiple answers okay)

1: I can't make it look good - 52.4% 2: It doesn't last very long - 47.1%

3: It washes away easily, so I can't go swimming at the beach or pool - 33.2%
4: I don't know what item suits me best - 33.2%
5: None in particular - 10.6%
6: Other 10.1%

Almost all our correspondents had problems with making it look good and making it last long! Could it be that lots of girls are using the wrong lines to make their double eyelids!?


Do you secretly try to make your own double eyelids?(i.e. by using adhesive and tape on your eyes while at home in order to train them)

Amazing! 62.9% of our correspondents try to secretly make their own double eyelids!! It just goes to show that in order to make good double eyelids, it's important to train them every day!

Many girls are trying to make double eyelids while they're in their teens!
Using the wrong double eyelid lines or items could end up hurting my eyelids!?
The fastest way to achieving beautiful double eyelids is to use the right items with the double eyelid lines that are right for you!