Assemble! Double Eyelid Activity

It's time to check your double eyelids! Are your double eyelids okay!? If your double eyelids just aren't that can train them into beautiful ones!

Shocking truth!? People pay more attention to your double eyelids than you think!
91.4% of female correspondents answered "Yes" and "Sometimes"!
Q: Do you normally look at other people's double eyelid makeup?

Eyelid Check!

Twisted adhesive... Just go ahead.  Peel it off and try it again!
Adhesive and fibers stick out... Check them from every angle! Be sure to finish them up beautifully★
My double eyelid lines are so high up that the white of the eyes are over exposed. Don't get greedy with your double eyelid lines!
My double eyelid effect is halved... Now my eyes look even smaller!

To make beautiful double eyelids with double eyelid items, it is essential to find the right double eyelid lines!
So take a good look at your eyes!!