Did you know?目頭番長MOUKO★HIDA

The important thing when making
beautiful double eyelids
is to find lines that will help you make double eyelids easily!
The most common reason
why double eyelids making fail is this!!
is in a bad mood!
So take Chief MOUKO★HIDA down
and make beautiful double eyelids!
I'm Chief MOUKO★HIDA, and I'm in charge of your eye's epicanthus of the inner edge. ※What's an epicanthus? It's the skin fold of your upper eyelid that covers your eye's inner edge angle.
When making double eyelids, making them in such a way that your epicanthus doesn't twitch helps ensure they turn out beautiful.
You can't make good double eyelids while ignoring your epicanthus of the inner edge! Don't Forget It

Find it together with 目頭番長! My Best Double Eyelid Line How will you get along with a strong MOUKO★HIDA(Epicanthus)!? Find the line that helps you make beautiful double eyelids!

Single Eyelid

A Word From 目頭番長 Chief MOUKO Single Eyelid MOUKO Is Fired Up MOUKO★HIDA with a single eyelid is really tough.
If your eyelid is thick or long, it's hard to make a good double eyelid.
So try getting it in shape with hard eye tape every day!
Perseverance prevails, right?
I am not going anywhere, so we'd become best friends!

Double Eyelid

A Word From 目頭番長 Chief MOUKO Look for just the right line MOUKO★HIDA with a double eyelid is pretty moody.
Just when you think you've succeeded at making beautiful parallel double eyelids, you find that they turned out twitchy and unnatural...
The trick to keeping beautiful double eyelids in place for a long time is to use a stick to find the lines that make it easy.

Back Double Eyelid

A Word From 目頭番長 Chief MOUKO Expand the width by the outer edge MOUKO★HIDA with a back double eyelid is actually pretty reasonable.
But she doesn't like it if you try to expand the double eyelid's width out of nowhere.
If you expand the width from your outer edge slowly and carefully, chief MOUKO★HIDA will approve, and you'll be able to make a double eyelid!